There’s nothing like sharing good times with friends and family in your backyard when the weather finally improves in the Fall.

Backyard Fall Essentials

Entertaining outdoors in the Desert during Fall and Winter can be every bit as much fun as gatherings in the summer elsewhere. With a little planning and imagination, anyone can create a Fall oasis that celebrates the changing of the seasons.

Whether you are seeking to create a new outdoor space, update an existing one or completely redo your outdoor patio or living space, there are multiple ways to do so. The available options for dining, furnishings and lighting allow anyone to entertain guests with the same luxury and elegance as they would inside their home.

Here are a few outdoor living items that are sure to impress:

Fire Pits and Patio Heaters

A fire pit or a stylish, modern patio heater keeps the chill off during the evening hours. It’s the perfect place to gather for hot cider or gaze at the stars in comfort. Depending upon the desired ambiance, you can choose from trendy free-standing infrared patio heaters or those that can be affixed to the underside of an outdoor overhead roof.

For those who appreciate the sound of a crackling fire, you can select from elegant, fully automated fire bowls, fire pits and fire tables, along with fire urns and free-standing fireplaces. Tabletop and wall-mounted units offer additional options.

They’re available in pre-cast designs and completely customized solutions can be created. Gas logs and fire glass are available that complement any décor and adds a sense of coziness to any gathering.


Furnish for Comfort

To satisfy guests’ need for comfort and your desire for low maintenance patio furniture, consumers have more options than ever before to customize colors, materials and styles. You can choose from highly stylized aluminum and cast iron frames,  along with wicker and woven designs, that can be combined in an extensive array of combinations, allowing you to customize your patio in any way you wish.

You will find ottomans that provide comfort and ample seating space. Some outdoor furnishing pieces provide additional storage space for items ranging from games and pillows to fluffy throws.

Chairs in multiple styles, chaise lounges and sofas can be combined in ways that incorporate style with comfort and are equally appropriate for informal gatherings or more formal outdoor events and celebrations.

Furnishings can be chic and multi-purpose to maximize available space. Seating space is always at a premium and occasional tables can serve as seating for impromptu guests. Modular and sectional sofas provide the freedom for configurations that best fit the available space and that are conducive to conversation.


BBQ Grills, Islands & Kitchens

FAll isn’t the end of the grilling season and you will find a wealth of possibilities for outdoor cooking. From high-end grills and built-in ovens to smokers, outdoor refrigerators and custom kitchens, there’s a multitude of ways to break bread with family and friends whether they’re serving haute cuisine or sharing s’mores.

Culinary options are available to fit every need and space accommodations. Stoves and grills can be combined with BBQ islands, cabinetry, and chic outdoor kitchens to provide for the needs of every guest.

Whether you have a full outdoor kitchen or a stainless steel artisan grill cart or serving cart, guests will be impressed and served in luxury.


Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting provides safety for guests and can be adjusted to set a variety of moods. Lighting illuminates outdoor spaces and is an economical and low maintenance option that allows individuals to spend more time with their guests.

Electric lighting runs the gamut from pillars and suspension lights to decorative lamps and lanterns that can set the mood for seasonal or holiday entertaining. Lighting can also be used as a focal point to highlight plants, water walls, fountains and reflection pools. Free-floating lights in pools add an air of mystery.

Relax In a Spa or Jacuzzi® Hot Tub

The chillier evenings of autumn are perfect for relaxing in a home spa or sauna, rejuvenating in the luxury of a Jacuzzi® or entertaining with a hot tub. A Jacuzzi® hot tub can be obtained with integrated sound systems, LED lighting, and multiple modes for the ultimate in comfort.

They’re available in styles, colors, shapes and sizes to accommodate any space and personal preference. Home spas and saunas are excellent ways to de-stress, recuperate from the rigors of the day and give guests a spa experience.

Umbrellas & Awnings

The sky is the limit when choosing accessories for an autumn oasis. Umbrellas and awnings are more than just sun shades. They’re stylish and come in a wide variety of styles and materials. They range from highly formal to those reminiscent of a tropical paradise.

Umbrellas offer a touch of elegance and a splash of color to warm any outdoor décor. The essential accessories are available in a wide range of sizes, along with those that can be rotated and tilted. Umbrellas with LED light packages are ideal for creating a fairyland effect.

Umbrellas of course, also offer shade for your daytime entertainment. They can help deflect a chilling breeze and provide protection from evening dampness.


Go Wild with Accessories

For those who want to entertain in grand style or hold a movie night, outdoor TVs and home theater systems bring the cinema to life in the backyard. Don’t forget a Wi-Fi booster if needed to take advantage of a myriad of streaming opportunities. Try adding an area rug for extra interest, comfy pillows for lounging, and incorporating a table that offers built-in gaming options.

Decorating a backyard area can make use of options that aren’t necessarily available for indoor spaces. Hammocks and swings provide practical uses and interest. Plants can be arranged beside pools, saunas and hot tubs to give guests the sense that they’re enjoying a respite at a luxury nature retreat.

Creating Fall Spaces

Celebrating the turn of seasons isn’t only about pumpkins, leaves and baskets of gourds, though they can add interest to the overall décor. Fall is a season to rekindle friendships and enjoy time with family. It’s about pampering guests and demonstrating through food, fun and comfort that they’re cared about.

Homeowners have the power to pick and choose from an extraordinary array of items for their outdoor living space that make guests feel welcome, minimize the clean-up, and are highly adaptive for adult gatherings to a child’s Halloween party.

There are no rules and no end to the combinations individuals can employ when decorating their outdoor spaces. The key is to provide guests with an atmosphere that makes them feel welcome. Homeowners have the power to create their personal vision of luxury and elegance for any season.