More than just a “feel good moment,” it’s actually good for you! The technique has been used by ancients and moderns alike, and its health benefits have been documented for centuries.

What Is It?

It’s hydrotherapy, the invigorating, stimulating and relaxing use of water to improve health ease sore muscles and soothe a weary mind.

Jacuzzi Spas

Down through the ages, health-seeking civilizations have utilized hydrotherapy. From ice baths to hot springs to sitz baths, hydrotherapy has always been a favorite because of its health-promoting benefits.

In most cases, it feels good, too!

Some of the first recorded uses of hydrotherapy were from Hippocrates who called his therapies “the water cure.” He promoted bathing in hot springs to help rid the body of disease.

Later, the Romans built decadent and elaborate hot baths and pools, lavishing themselves in communal spa areas, a vital part of the culture.

Hydrotherapy in Roman Times

In more recent times, natural hot springs have become destination resorts. Now fast forward to current times where hot tubs and spas have become ever popular!

Jacuzzi hot tubs are a growing trend as millions of people partake it the healthy benefits of hydrotherapy. Also called “spas” or “jetted tubs,” they are favorites of anyone seeking better health, wanting to stimulate circulation, or just looking for a few “warm and bubbly” minutes to relax!

University of New Hampshire research scientists encourage their use, confirming that “hydrotherapy is beneficial for a whole array of health conditions.”

What Does Hydrotherapy Mean?

The word hydrotherapy derives from the terms “hydro” meaning water and “therapy” which means “treating by a curative process.” The therapy is very beneficial to ease the occasional aches and pains of everyday life.

From sore muscles to creaky joints to general fatigue, or more chronic conditions like arthritis and back aches, anyone can benefit from the gentle massage of hydrotherapy. And today — thanks to technology — you can enjoy water therapy right in your own home with an easy-to-install and very affordable in-home unit.

Many people claim that they bought a hot tub at the urging of a friend or neighbor, or made an “impulse” buy from a presentation at a home show.

It’s normal to be skeptical about “all” the health benefits hydrotherapy offers. But after experiencing the surprising pain relief from chronic health conditions, most are very happy with their purchase decision!

If you’re like most hot tub owners, you will find that you’re more flexible, more energetic, and free of the aches and pains that have been plaguing you for a long time.

What are the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy’s therapeutic benefits can reduce pains from more serious conditions like arthritis, back problems, sciatica, inflammation, restless leg syndrome, circulatory disease, muscle cramps, and more.

The warm water improves flexibility and range of motion, and the buoyancy allows you to stretch in ways that would be “next to impossible” when standing on solid ground.

In addition to being more flexible, many people say that their renewed ability to move with more “ease” actually improves their self-esteem. They report being more motivated and goal-oriented. They feel more like getting out and socializing, taking walks, and they have a renewed interest in participating in social events — simply because they feel better.

And you can experience this effect, too! Call it a life-changing investment!

Some folks notice that the heat from the warm water makes them almost “euphoric.” This is because subtle physiological processes are occurring from the hot tub effect, as blood flow increases and blood vessels expand. This allows more nutrients to be carried to all parts of the body. Often, blood pressure decreases which pleases most people’s doctor.

Who Can Take Advantage of Hydrotherapy?

And don’t think that hydrotherapy is just for those in aging years. Countless world-class athletes—swimmers, bikers, Tri-athletes and the like—say hot tub therapy benefits them immensely, before and after a race.

And scores of everyday people who just want a place to relax, un-stress and rest their weary body and mind love their hot tubs and use them nearly every day! Many report finding the water jets are very relaxing, yet stimulating. Like a massage.

Hydrotherapy Studies

The health benefits of hydrotherapy are backed up with plenty of highly respected studies.

The British Journal of Rheumatology reported, “A positive short term and a more moderate long-term overall effectiveness of spa therapy in chronic lower back pain.” They wrote this after a lengthy study of people participating in a hydrotherapy research study. Those who used hydrotherapy daily had in for shorter periods of time and their flexibility improved greatly. Further, they required less drug therapy and need fewer pain-reducing ointments.

The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association studied Type 2 Diabetics who used a hot tub for 30 minutes a day, six days a week. After just 10 days, the diabetics had a “reduced dose of insulin, lost weight and showed distinct decreases in plasma glucose, had better sleep and a general sense of well-being.”

Add to that a report from the Arthritis Foundation that said people using hot tubs had, “more strength and flexibility and better movement.”

Even heart health and sleep patterns improve, according to the Mayo Clinic who say, “The regular use of spas and hot tubs gives some of the same health benefits of exercise but with less stress.”

Sounds like a win-win for anyone who decides to make hydrotherapy a part of their health protocol.

So are you ready to reap the benefits of a healthier heart, smoother joint and muscle movements and more positive thoughts, while falling into a deep and blissful night’s sleep?

Then what are you waiting for? Hydrotherapy has passed the test of time. And you don’t even have to hike to the “next town down” to sit in the Roman hot baths!

You can enjoy hydrotherapy right in the comfort of your own home and reap its amazing health benefits. Don’t wait!