What is better than getting cozy around a fire creating lasting memories through good times and quality conversation with your friends and family? Not much in life that is better than that, especially when it doesn’t matter what season it is: spring, summer, fall, and winter all are the perfect time of year for a LumaCast fire.

Lumicast fires will be the centerpiece of your outdoor gatherings. Using 30% of recycled materials in each and every product, Lumicast is a luxury that will change the entire atmosphere of your outdoor living space. Whether it is an intimate gathering or a large party a Lumicast fire table is sure to leave an impression. By offering unique, contemporary and classic designs that are sure to impress your guests.

LumaCast fire tables features 12 different models of fire tables to ensure that there is something to satisfy every unique design tastes and living space. Styles range from the soft curves of the Aura fire table, to the sleek and practical function of the Bloc fire table, all the way to the modern take on the traditional fire ring in the Cylindra fire table.

Most of the options are available in up to 8 different colors and a variety of sizes sure to fit perfectly into whatever the size of the space you are working with. All models are compatible with either natural gas or propane as the source of fuel. When it comes to ease of ignition they come standard with the manual ignition system but there is also an electronic ignition system available upon special order.

There are multiple styles that are sure to fit your design taste from soft circular styles to crisp rectangular styles.

Circular fire tables from LumaCast

The Aura

Create a truly welcoming area with the soft lines on the Aura fire table. This beauty will give off a sensational flame. Surrounded by a level surface to set your wine glass on, it is sure to create a refined feeling of home anytime you sit around it.

Available in 5 different sizes ranging from 36” all the way up to 62” in diameter and a variety colors.

The Bola

A more modern take on the Aura design, the Bola is a new model in the LumaCast collection. Though this style still offers the same appeal of gathering people together; whether for Tapas or hot chocolate it is sure to please.

Available in 3 different sizes ranging from 42” up to 62” in diameter and a variety colors.

The Cylindra

Like the loveliness of the name suggests, the Cylindra fire table offers a subtle elegance to your outdoor living area. Perfect to bring a touch of sophistication to any gathering.

Available in 5 different sizes ranging from 36” all the way up to 62” in diameter and a variety colors.

The Ova

What is truly unique about the Ova is that it is a classic take on the fire bowl that will bring all attention to it as an effortless centerpiece.

Available in 4 different sizes ranging from 32” all the way up to 48” in diameter and a variety colors.

The Ova series also offers the Ova[slim] version available in 5 different sizes ranging from 28” all the way up to 48” in diameter and a variety colors. The Ova[slim] is built with a slimmer frame around the fire pit.

The Spun

The Spun is a work of art, a true visual masterpiece that is both eye catching and inviting. This one is sure to tie together your space bringing both balance and polish to your design.

Available in 3 different sizes ranging from 42” all the way up to 62” in diameter and a variety colors.

The Oculus

This is the marriage of the traditional rectangular table with the rounded lines of the circular table creating an oblong shape that is both contemporary and elegant.

Available in 4 sizes starting from 62” x 32” to as large as 92” by 32” and a variety of colors

Rectangular fire tables from LumaCast

The Bloc

With the versatile design sizing availability this piece will be unique to your outdoor space and will quickly become the focal point of your design. With true practicality comes the appeal of sleek and clean lines in this design feature perfect for an upscale gathering or roasting s’mores with your family.

Available in 5 sizes starting from 52” x 32” to as large as 92” by 32” this can fit into outdoor space regardless of size.

The Bloc series also offers two additional styles that are just as refined as the original. Available in the Bloc2 for a square profile and the Bloc[slim] for a more condensed profile.Both of these styles offer the same in terms of variety of features and sizes.

The Bloc2 sizes ranges from 36” x 36” up to 62” x 62”.

The Bloc[slim] sizing ranges from 52” x 20” up to 82” x 20”.

The Carve

Similar to the Spun, the Carve is a true work of art that is sure to draw attention to its beauty. Crisp yet classic lines will complete your design and bring cozy function to your outdoor space.

Available in 4 sizes starting from 52” x 32” to as large as 82” x 32” and a variety of colors.

Is LumaCast for Me?

As you can tell based on the many unique and dynamic options available there is truly something for everyone from LumaCast.

Whether you are in search of a visual centerpiece that is also functional to complete your design dream or a classic fire table to warm your feet and your soul, LumaCast has the perfect fire table for your needs. You can also rest assured that each and every LumaCast fire table is built with the highest quality craftsmanship so you will have your table for years to come.

With a LumaCast fire table you will have the ability to create not only a cohesive visual appeal in your outdoor living space, but also create a space for experiences and memories to last a lifetime with your friends and family.




Bloc [slim]







Ova [slim]