Lynx Grills

The Art of Grilling

Lynx was born when a group of visionaries with over 3 decades of experience applied the highest attention to detail, using only premium stainless steel and a passion for outdoor cooking.

Lynx Grills

Outdoor cooking with Lynx grills is known for their sleek designs and exceptional attention to function and detail.

A true dedication to craftsmanship is a key differentiator of the Lynx line of grills. The design of each grill has the ability to tie an entire outdoor living area together.

Grilling Meets Innovation

Game changing features including the Lynx Trident(TM) Infrared Burner, heat stabilizing design and an expanded grilling surface help make this grill best in class.

The heat stabilizing design was created to protect precious food from being impacted by the climate. While the Lynx Trident(TM) Infrared Burner provides grill temperature control that is quick and ready to use.

Delivering this kind of performance requires innovation that has been cultivated through years of experience.

Lynx grills extends up to 20 inches deep in most models, delivering consistent heat coverage across the entire grilling surface, eliminating hot spots.

Grill Master

Grilling with confidence makes all the difference. When performance meets ease-of-use, every meal can be cooked to perfection.

Smooth opening and illumination on the control knobs make grilling practical and enjoyable.

Ceramic and infrared burners combined provide up to 98,000 BTU’s of power. With the trust of the Lynx brand you will have a grill that will last for years to come.

Lynx grills are available in both the freestanding and built-in versions, Whether you are looking a for 27 inch grill for you deck or a 54 inch grill for your outdoor kitchen Lynx is a true game changer.