Air + Water

Energy Efficient Evaporative Cooling

Environmentally Friendly

The simple concept of mixing air and water produces powerful, energy efficient cooling that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

The Master Blaster Series™ by PMI combines easy mobility and low maintenance with Industry leading advancements and reliability.

High Efficiency
Mobile Evaporative Air Cooling

Stylish and available in two sizes to fit the task at hand.

Economical and Dependable Cooling

The Easy, Affordable Solution To

Spot Cooling

The perfect solution for cooling hot spots, anywhere, anytime. The Mobile MasterBlaster coolers provide the big performance you need anywhere you need it.

The Master Blaster is completely portable and plugs into any 120 Volt outlet. They can be used with a direct hose connection or manual water fill options. The heavy duty casters make the units easy to move and provide cool, fresh air anywhere air conditioning proves to be impractical.

From the patio to the garage, From the auto shop to the work shop, the Master blaster can cool it.

master blaster

Master Blaster

Cooling Durability

In the shop, the Master Blaster can stand up to the rigors
of the typical automotive repair shop while providing spot
cooling right where you need it.

No Assembly Required

Ready to go right out of the box

2-Speed Motor

Simple two-speed motor switch with separate pump

Rigid Media

3” Rigid Media for efficient cooling

Integrated Organizer Tray

The multi-component tray provides a convenient place to
keep your tools or refreshments close by.

Quiet Performance

The Master Blaster’s quiet performance makes it perfect for
gatherings in tight places such as tents and enclosures.

Sturdy Locking Casters

Easily move the Master Blaster right where you need it.
Lock the castors to ensure it stays put.

Continuous Fill

Includes Garden Hose Adaptor for extended run time.

Stylish Color Scheme

The attractive hammer-tone silver finish with black highlights
provide sophisticated look that fits right in.

Master Blaster

Spot Cooling for Indoor or Outdoor Spaces

The Master Blaster is the perfect spot cooling solution for garages, work sheds, outside retail locations such as swapmarts, service bays, military stations and fire station bays – even your backyard brunch. You name it, the Master Blaster can cool it.

Chassis Features

• All Steel Construction
• Durable hammer-tone silver Finish
• 6 ft. Power Cord
• Heavy Duty Casters – 2 Locking
• 2-Speed Operation
• Fully Assembled

Master Blaster

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