If you want your friends and family to be completely comfortable during your evening entertainment in the Desert, you’ll definitely need patio heaters.

Patio Heaters: Winter Hero

Patio heaters are a highly affordable luxury that provides warmth and a welcoming atmosphere allowing festivities to continue long after the sun goes down.

Patio heaters are practical in any outdoor living space such as covered patios, decks and terraces.

Furthermore, outdoor heaters are equally appropriate for homes as well as businesses. They are useful for entertaining, hosting a special event, dining outdoors, and much more.

Picking a patio heater

When it comes to patio heaters, you’ll discover both portable free-standing and fixed placement options. You’ll find stylish models that function through the use of:

  • Electricity
  • Liquid propane
  • Natural gas
  • State-of-the-art infrared technology

Since they don’t produce an open flame, patio heaters are setting the standard for safety. The bases remain cool to the touch and incorporate a safety feature that automatically shuts them off if they become unbalanced or tilted more than few degrees.

Patio heaters offer versatility

When selecting a patio heater, there’s a wealth of models to choose from, offering a range of diversity beyond your expectations. Depending upon space availability and the type of area you’ll be warming, you can select from:

  • Tabletop heaters
  • Stand-up pillar types
  • Models that can be suspended or hung from the ceiling
  • Heaters that can be mounted on a wall

No matter which type you choose, they all ensure you and your guests will be warm and cozy whether you’re hosting a wine tasting party or enjoying some star gazing.

Natural gas patio heaters

A natural gas patio heater is extremely convenient, environmentally-friendly and clean burning. The heaters are designed for minimal emission output and function without releasing any unpleasant odors into the air. They can be connected directly to your natural gas line for a continuous source of fuel.

Once put in place, natural gas heaters must stay in place to remain hooked to your natural gas source.

Liquid propane patio heaters

A patio heater that operates with liquid propane is an effective, affordable and environmentally-friendly source of heat. They utilize portable tanks that can easily be moved, allowing you to change the positioning of your heater if desired.

Liquid propane patio heaters burn cleanly without giving off noxious fumes or polluting the air.

Infrared heaters

For pure luxury, you can’t beat a stylish and trendy infrared patio heater. Multiple types are available, encompassing table-top, free-standing, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted types. Wall- and ceiling-mounted types are particularly beneficial if your space is limited.

Infrared heaters are able to warm a fairly large area, aren’t affected by breezy conditions, and are typically resistant to rain and snow. They are cost-effective to operate for homeowners. They are commonly used in businesses like restaurants, hotels to sports complexes.

An infrared patio heater is powered by electricity and commonly attached to structures. They are very safe to operate compared to gas and portable heaters. Instead of flames, they emit infrared head. Various models offer directional heating which allows you to cast the heat over specific areas.

Tabletop heaters

Tabletop heaters utilize small propane tanks to produce heat within a small radius. The propane tanks are typically camouflaged in the base of the heater. They have the advantage of being small, highly portable and inexpensive.

Pillar-type heaters

A pillar-type patio heater is free-standing and requires a larger liquid propane tank for operation than a tabletop model. They’re excellent for heating a larger area and have the advantage of being portable, allowing you to move them around as needed.

Ceiling mounted heaters

For those who have limited space or don’t want to add clutter to their patio environment, ceiling-mounted patio heaters offer a space-saving solution. They’re designed to be permanently installed. Ceiling mounted heaters are typically powered by electricity.


These patio heaters are exactly as they imply. They’re created for permanent installation on a wall and disperse heat over a much wider area than portable patio heaters. Models are available that use electricity, propane and natural gas.

Other heating options

Sources of heat are not limited to heaters. You can also enjoy a warm evening sitting around a fire pit or fire urn. Fireplaces are also common in outdoor spaces in the Desert. And fire tables not only emit heat but are also practical.

It all depends whether you are looking for heat to cover a wider area or a decorative piece that has a dual purpose. To be decorative and set a mood with a little heat.

Patio heaters for comfort, safety and value

Modern patio heaters offer a high level of safety with built-in safeguards. They don’t produce open flames like the heaters of the past and have safety valves that automatically shut them off should they tilt or be tipped over.

There’s also no need to worry about fuel spillage if they tip. They’re an affordable luxury that no homeowner should be without.

For commercial enterprises, they provide added convenience and a welcome amenity for customers. Today’s patio heaters are efficient, durable and versatile, allowing them to be utilized in a wide variety of venues to keep customers warm and comfortable.

A patio heater enables you to extend fun activities long after your neighbors have gone indoors. If you’re a business owner, you’ll be able to keep your outdoor dining area, pool area or fitness complex space open longer and later each day.

Patio heaters are attractive and decorative ways to add warmth that quickly become the centerpiece of your outdoor living space or business activities. They’re very low maintenance and offer a source of instant heat.

Your activities won’t be interrupted by the sounds of a flower fan – patio heaters are silent. You won’t have to worry about dust or pollen blowing around, either.

A patio heater is the convenient and luxurious way to heat your outdoor spaces for fun and entertaining. You don’t have to give up quality time with friends and family just because the weather turns chilly. You can relax and enjoy your patio, deck or terrace in complete comfort.

Let’s get this party started!