BBQ grill carts have come a long way from plain, simple constructs with only one function – to provide enough heat to grill burgers and hot dogs.

Today’s luxury grill carts are versatile, expandable, and provide you with far more than good looks and large grilling areas. They offer a comprehensive range of features to experience cooking at a whole new level, including the incorporation of infrared cooking to Wi-Fi access.

The Value of Premium BBQ Grill Carts

BBQ grill carts are an essential element to your backyard cooking and entertaining activities. Premium grill carts can be combined with other accessories that encompass a customized outdoor kitchen or can be utilized as a stand-alone unit for smaller, intimate gatherings of friends and family where space is at a premium.

Year-round Opportunities

Grilling isn’t just an activity that’s reserved for holidays, special occasions and evening hours. With so many features and options available in today’s bbq grill carts, you can experience the joy of cooking outside year-round for any meal of the day.

Backyard cuisine offers more options than the basic burgers and hotdogs of previous generations. Millions of grillers just like you are serving up feasts of four-star restaurant fare that feeds the taste buds of meat eaters and vegetarians alike. You can satisfy your desire for creative cooking, healthy meals, and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Practical & Convenient

Modern grill carts combine durability with stylish design to match your style. Options and features run the gamut from built-in griddles to auto-cook functionality. Grill carts are available in multiple sizes ranging from 26 inches for small outdoor spaces to 56 inches wide for the most palatial of patios.

Your luxury grill cart offers fashionable practicality to store all your grilling accessories, spices and other necessities for a successful grilling experience. Precision craftsmanship and professional styling provide you with the means to hone your grilling talents with propane, natural gas, wood fire chips and even charcoal.

The Frustrations of Grilling

If you grill outdoors on a regular basis, you have experienced the frustrations associated with outdoor cooking. The inconvenience of running out of gas, all your steaks that don’t get cooked evenly, and even having to stand next to the grill to ensure the flare ups don’t burn your food are just some of the unwanted issues for which you have to be on guard.

The four most common problems are:

  • Flare ups that keep burning your steaks, patties, fish and vegetables
  • Uneven heating that doesn’t cook your food evenly
  • Grills that take a long time to warm up
  • Running out of gas at the worst possible moment

The Case For Quality Grills

It’s easy to walk into any big box store and obtain a bbq grill cart that looks great.  On the flip side, investing in a premium quality bbq grill requires a more informed approach.

With a big box store grill cart you’ll have to transport it home yourself and often endure the frustration of assembly with instructions that only a master mechanic can understand.

The case for quality grill stands is strong and the drawbacks of cheaply marketed products to the masses can’t be denied, including:

  • Grills and stands at big box stores are cheap versions of premium quality grills and stands that you can’t adequately judge by simply looking at a display model or the picture on a box
  • Good luck should you need to replace a part. Often times, parts are not easily found because manufacturers of use the cheapest parts available
  • The quality technology and workmanship are the main factors that provide you with a great grilling experience and are lacking in budget models
  • Premium grill carts offer more features that make cooking enjoyable such as lights, heavy-duty rotisseries, and ease of cleaning

Grill Carts for the Modern World

Today’s modern grill carts are far more than a place to rest your grill and a cold beverage. Depending on the model, they come equipped with a comprehensive array of features and amenities that enhance the overall cooking experience, saves time and space, and integrate technological advances.

  • Inside shelving provides you with convenient, water-tight storage and expandable shelves offers additional work space
  • Everything you need is near at hand
  • Shelves can fold down when they’re not needed in areas where space is at a premium
  • Hi Built-in burners and griddles provide you with additional cooking space and options
  • Some carts offer highly controllable infrared cooking technology that saves you time and money.
  • Digital Wi-Fi controllers are built-in to some grill carts, allowing you to monitor and control your grill wirelessly through specialized apps.
  • If you’re insecure in your grilling skills, some grill carts are equipped with an automated recipe feature. They’re pre-programmed with the cooking times and temperatures for specific dishes.

Premium Quality Pays Off

Successful grilling is a combination of many elements, from the confidence of the cook and the quality of the selected food, to the functionalities of the grill. The benefits of a modern grill cart for successful grilling include:

  • Some grill carts are highly versatile, providing you with the means to grill, smoke, bake and roast
  • Superior construction and manufacturing methods mean your grill and grill cart will last much longer
  • They can be integrated with other units, often magnetically, to expand your cooking options. Freestanding grill carts can be combined with refrigerators, beverage stations, warming drawers and even pizza ovens
  • They can be attached to a natural gas line so you never run out of gas
  • They’re much easier to clean
  • They typically have more comprehensive warranties including lifetime warranty on burners
  • You’ll find an array of practical features that can include lights, push button ignition, and a temperature gauge to better control heat and cooking, along with paper towel holders, condiment racks and trash bins.

The value is in the details when selecting the right grill cart for your particular requirements. A great grill that you enjoy using will be utilized more frequently and becomes part of the backyard experience that can be shared with friends and family for many years to come.

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