Vintage Luxury Grills

Vintage Luxury Grills offer an extended line of performance barbecue grills that has helped to set the standard for outdoor cooking. With grill sizes catering to every need, Vintage BBQ grills offers customers an enjoyable grilling experience and commercial grade equipment that will provide a lifetime of service.

Vintage Luxury Grill

Available in lengths ranging from 30″ to 42″, Vintage manufactures grills that are sized to accommodate any outdoor living space. With designs that are built with performance and efficiency in mind, even the smallest Vintage GOLD offers 758 square inches of grilling space. For a hungry group of family and friends, that translates into 15 juicy burgers, sizzling on the grill. For those enthusiastic outdoor chefs entertaining larger crowds, the 42″ Vintage Gold boasts 1,078 square inches of grilling space, or a 21 burger capacity.

Vintage BBQ grills are constructed using top quality 304 stainless steel, making each model highly resistant to corrosion and the harsh effects of continued exposure to the elements. Down below, the enclosed stainless steel cabinet offers a safe and secure storage area for propane, grilling tools, and various BBQ accessories. To make the most of available space, side shelves are conveniently folded down until it’s time to put your Vintage to work.

For serious barbecue enthusiasts, the Vintage Rotisserie Backburner is a built-in option that ads another dimension to the grilling experience. No matter what your grill size, selecting the option of a Rotisserie Backburner offers aspiring chefs high heat, even cooking and self basting, for guaranteed mouth-watering meals each and every time. Vintage BBQ grills also offers the ability to prepare incredible meals with a dedicated smoker box or drawer that yields that same delicious flavor of a traditional smoker with the ease and convenience of your gas grill.

When the sun starts to set, that’s no reason to stop cooking. With built-in halogen lights guiding your way, there’s no need to be concerned about grilling at night. Dependable, battery operated electronic ignition also helps to keep your grilling experience as safe and efficient as possible.

With up to 82,500 BTUs of grilling power, your new grill is ready for a lifetime of service. Vintage BBQ grills come with a lifetime warranty for all stainless steel parts, burners and associated parts, and a one year warranty on built-in lighting, igniters, and other important components.