To some, a backyard is just an empty space; an extension of their home which goes unused. They see it as more of a burden because who enjoys mowing the lawn and tending the grass?

To others, a backyard is a getaway. An escape to nature and the outdoors just steps away from the inside of their own home.

Outdoor Living: Finding the Perfect Style For You!

While the concept of outdoor living means something different to each person, we all seek the same thing: to enjoy the fresh, outdoor air.

Whether it’s a luxurious swimming pool with a twisty slide to entertain the kids or a practical patio with a grill and dining table to relax at with guests, an outdoor living space can not only bring hours of entertainment to friends and family, as well as yourself, it’s an extension of your home which embraces the outdoors.

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And what better way to embrace the great outdoors than by investing in the perfect outdoor design for you? You’ll not only add value to your home and property, but also your life.

Although, that’s not even the most exciting part… with an outdoor space, you have the opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

Whether you want just a simple patio with a pergola and a beautiful dining table, ready for conversation, or a stone fireplace and a custom BBQ island perfect for a party with friends, an outdoor living space can be customized to your particular preferences.

When created and designed to your unique taste, an outdoor living space enhances the functionality of your home. So why wouldn’t you want to maximize the space to maximize your enjoyment?

From a custom stone fireplace to a cascading waterfall, the possibilities of designing the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family is endless.

So, to help you uncover which design you’d love to incorporate into your outdoor space, we’ve put together a list of some of our best ideas.

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love sitting by a warm, crackling fire on a chilly winter evening? Or sitting under the stars while having a couple drinks with some good friends?

Here are a few styles to ignite your imagination and help you embrace the perfect outdoor living space:

Outdoor Home Extension

Wouldn’t you love to spend more time outdoors? Most people would but after an hour or so of squinting, sweating, and getting sun-burnt, they end up going back inside because it’s hard to enjoy an outdoor living space when there’s no shelter from the sun.

And what better way to shield yourself from the uncomfortable brightness of the sun than to have a shaded patio? Great for enjoying the outdoors under the comfort of shade, it’s the perfect way to bring the inside coziness of your home outside.

A Peaceful Sanctuary

For some, they yearn to escape their everyday lives to a peaceful sanctuary. To relax and simply do nothing at all but find tranquility. Why not have a little getaway situated right in your backyard?

With an outdoor living space focused on promoting relaxation, you can escape your hectic life to embrace peacefulness just steps from your home. Add a calming waterfall to your outdoor space, where you can focus on the sound during meditation. Or the perfect seating area to relax in and read a book.

Embrace Resort Living

Think about a resort. Don’t you love how it feels to be steps away from a refreshing pool, the feel of relaxing in a comfortable sun lounger, and the possibility of living luxury everyday? With an outdoor living space focused on resort living, you’ll have all that and more. Why shouldn’t you be able to live that dream whilst in the comfort of your own home?

Relax Around the Fire

Having a place for a fire not only extends the use of an outdoor living space from summer to all four seasons, it helps define your outdoor space as a focal point for gatherings and a destination for conversation. It’s a place to have a few drinks, entertain, and make memories with loved ones.

Ranging from small, round metal fireplaces to a stunning centerpiece designed by the best of the best, an outdoor living space complete with a fire brings the warmth of the indoors, outdoors.

Start a Conversation

Whether it’s a small table with chairs for just a few or an extensive seating area for a group of friends, these inviting outdoor seating areas are more than just a place to relax – they create intimacy, are practical with their use of space, and are conversation starters in their own right.

Whether you have a vast outdoor space or just a small terrace, make use of the outdoor living area with these perfect seating ideas.

Dining Under the Stars

With the right outdoor dining space, you can set the perfect scene for great outdoor parties or just a dinner for two. Whether you’re pairing the dining set with an outdoor kitchen or just as an extension of your home, an outdoor dining space is where smiles turn to laughs and where families and friends make memories whilst gathering for a meal.

An outdoor living space designed for dining allows you to find a retreat just steps away from your house, which turns even the most boring meal into a fantastic time.

Seek For Cover

When you think of an outdoor living space, a place to lounge in the sun and catch some rays might first come to mind. But for more and more people, grabbing a bit of shade while still enjoying the outdoors is becoming more of a priority.

Whether you’re looking to just simple avoid sunburn while simultaneously soaking in the pool or relax under the cover of shade while grilling out lunch, finding the perfect cover to add some shade to your outdoor living space is easy.